Welcome to the website of the British Society for the Turin Shroud. Regular visitors to this website will notice that we have given it a fresh, new look. We plan to add additional content over the coming weeks so please look out for this new material.


The summer edition of the newsletter is now available and BSTS newsletter subscribers can view this and other editions by following the Members Area links on this website. Sadly, this edition will be the last to be produced under the editorship of David Rolfe. David, who will be succeeded by Michael Kowalski, has stepped down from this role after five years in order to spend time pursuing other projects, including promotional activities associated with his latest film Who Can He Be? You can find more details about this film in the newsletter.

David’s vision and leadership have contributed enormously to an increase in our newsletter circulation over the past five years. He will be sorely missed but he will remain an active member of the BSTS and we wish him every success in this next phase of his career.

We invite all visitors to browse the pages of this website and to check out the many links to other websites that are valuable resources for anyone interested in the Shroud of Turin. We also invite you to follow our Facebook page where we regularly post news and interesting features relating to the Shroud.

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