These videos cover a range of topics related to the Shroud, as well as the work of The British Society of the Turin Shroud in promoting an increased awareness of this remarkable cloth. They feature several recordings of presentations given to BSTS members during recent meetings.
All these videos are accessible without a subscription to the BSTS so feel free to share a link to this page with anyone you think might be interested.

The first video goes to the heart of the BSTS Mission to reveal the travesty of the C-14 test, with a forensic analysis of every stage of tthe test process. The second is a statement from Professor Christopher Ramsey, current Head of the Oxford Radiocarbon Unit.

Recording from BSTS Meeting held in 2015

Dr. Thomas De Wesselow, Cambridge art historian explains why, in his opinion, the image on the Shroud of Turin is unlikely to be the work of an artist or forger.

Recordings from BSTS Mini-conference held in 2022

The videos below are recordings of short presentations that were given at the BSTS mini-conference held in May 2022 in Brewood, Staffordshire.

Injuries to the Hands of the Man of the Shroud

Dr. Andrew Husselbee and Pam Moon

Click on the button below to open a transcript of the presentation given jointly by Dr. Andrew Husselbee and Pam Moon.

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