Few people have had the good fortune of being able to stand in front of the actual Shroud of Turin during one of its rare expositions in the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista in Turin, Italy. Fortunately, there are life-sized replicas of the Shroud which can be viewed in the United Kingdom and in various locations across Europe including France and Italy. These provide visitors with a fascinating opportunity to study this sacred cloth and for some this has proved to be a deeply moving and profound experience which has strengthened their faith.

There is also a travelling Shroud exhibition which tours venues in the UK and occasionally Europe, which includes a full sized replica amd many more fascinating exhibits. If you are interested in visiting an exhibition of the Shroud in the UK, there are details below of when and where these are taking place.

For a map view of the exhibition locations in the UK, as well as venues which display Shroud replicas in France and Italy, click on the buttons below.

There are undoubtedly many other locations where visitors can see a full-sized replica of the Shroud but which are not yet featured on this website. If you know of any such venues, please forward details to:

Permanent Exhibition of the Holy Shroud

Church of St. Alban’s on the Moors, Cardiff

The church of St. Alban’s on the Moors, Cardiff displays a life-sized Shroud replica which has been touched against the Holy Shroud. It was kindly given to Cardiff by the Archdiocese of Turin following a request by the Most Rev. George Stack, Archbishop of Cardiff. Bruno Barberis, who was President of the Scientific Committee of the International Centre of Sindonology of Turin, personally helped to facilitate the request. Father Sebastian Jones is the Moderator of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri and like the Oratorian Father, Blessed Sebastian Valfrè, he has a great devotion to the Holy Shroud. Blessed Sebastian Valfrè repaired the Shroud in 1694 and he said, “The Cross received the living Jesus and gave Him back to us dead; the Shroud received the dead Jesus and restored Him to us alive.”

The church is open daily from 7:00am until 6:00pm. Groups and individuals are most welcome to visit. An expert presentation on the history of the Holy Shroud of Turin can be organised with prior notice, given by BSTS member Luigi Antoniazzi. There is a hall adjacent to the church which holds up to a hundred people which can be made available for groups. Refreshments can also be arranged with prior notice. The church has an audio induction loop and is accessible. There is plenty of parking around the church. [Satnav: St Alban’s, Swinton Street CF24 2NT]

Mobile Shroud of Turin Exhibition

The Shroud of Turin Exhibition is a travelling exhibition which incorporates a replica of the Shroud of Turin as well as life-sized photographic negatives of the Shroud. These are used as visual aids to tell the story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and to examine the mystery of the cloth. The exhibition, which is owned and managed by BSTS member Pam Moon, also includes an extensive array of information panels that describe the journey of Jesus from his trial through the events of Good Friday to the empty tomb.

Replicas of the Roman whip, or flagrum, a Roman lance and first century Roman nails help to give an insight into the dreadful tortures endured by Jesus on Good Friday. The information panels also provide comprehensive details covering the Shroud’s history and the evidence revealed by a century of scientific research into this remarkable relic.

The Shroud of Turin exhibition provides visitors with a rare opportunity to experience the wonder of this enigmatic cloth.

Mobile Exhibition Schedule





Parish Centre of the Holy Name, 52 Otley Rd, Leeds LS16 6HW

Opens: 14th May 2024

Closes: 19th May 2024

If you know a suitable venue which could be made available for a future exhibition, please contact Pam Moon by sending an email to:


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